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What's Censis

Censis was founded as a social study and research institute in 1964, becoming a legally recognised Foundation in 1973 through Presidential Decree. It is located in Rome, and the staff is composed approximately by 30 researchers and 15 research assistants.

During the past 50 years it has carried out studies, provided consultancy, developed models and submitted proposals in the area of socio- economic processes and policies, more than 1.000 projects, most of which conducted on behalf of Italian and foreign institutional organisations. It has gained the reputation of being one of the most prestigious national research institutes in social sciences and economics.

The Censis approach can be traced back to the 1950's, when economic growth required Italy to identify new methods of social research and social investment. In later decades, Censis employed its analytic skills and affirmed its presence in a series of vital areas and issues, often recognizing general trends before other observers:

  • in the 1960's - a focus on welfare, including welfare strategies and management, with special attention to its dynamics and demand and the nature of supply;
  • in the 1970's - a focus on the "underground" economy and its role in Italian socio-economic development;
  • in the 1980's - a focus on the process of economic modernisation and its impact on the overall development of Italian society, including attention to its internationalising effects;
  • in the 1990's - a focus on the increasingly "dense" social and economic structure, in order to relate historical trends to the present transformations and the challenges of the future.