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Italy Today

Italy Today. Social picture and trends 2010
2011 - pp. 241
The CENSIS Report, now in its 44th edition, offers analyses and interpretations of the most significant socio-economic processes underway in Italy at this confused time. In the opening chapter, under the title General Considerations, we try to show how Italian society seems to be collapsing under the pressure of a disturbing proliferation of uncontrolled drives. The country's collective unconscious seems to have become lawless and even desire is collapsing as Italians are increasingly losing faith in long-term processes and in the effectiveness of the ruling class. A comeback of desire, viewed as a civil virtue, is called for if Italian society, which has become 'flat' and surfeited at the same time, is to reactivate its dynamism.
The second chapter, Italian society in 2010, deals with some of the most interesting trends that emerged in the past year: the dangerous drift towards flattening; the proliferation of consumerism; the (virtuous or vicious) interplay of sub-systems; the fragmentation of power.
The third part of the Report is comprised of a number of chapters that offer detailed analyses of a few key dimensions of Italian society: education and training; the labor market; the public welfare and health system; territory and networks; the economic players; media and communications; the Public Administration; security and citizenry.